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Give us a call at 505-898-2474 if you need to schedule an appointment.

Appointment required. Hearing exams are being scheduled about 2-3 weeks out. Fittings, and adjustments can be scheduled out about 1-2 weeks. We are still offering curbside services or in office appointments for cleanings, repairs, and supply pick up or purchase. These appointments can usually be scheduled within 1-3 days.

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9am to 5pm Monday – Friday

  • My experience was great from the moment I walked through the door and met with the intake person. I was seen by Susan, audiologist. She explained all my options in detail and did the appropriate testing. She was candid and unbiased in her presentation. I left well educated as to my plan of action.

    Tom R Clark
  • My husband badly needs help to hear better. We had a very good experience with Megan at Wendy Gallegos Audiology. He had a thorough examination and all our questions answered along with a lot of good information. We never felt hurried or pressured. All in all, an excellent experience allowing for an informed decision.

    Sandra Vaughn
  • Great experience! Susan Allshouse was very professional, she made me feel comfortable and the hearing test is quite simple. The biggest thing was her very thorough explanation of my specific insurance procedures and most importantly what they cover and how much my cost would be. She also explained what my costs would be without my specific insurance.

    david martinez
  • My original provider for hearing aids was a medical group which discontinued their audiology services after I had purchased my current hearing aids and owned them for one year. I had to find a new professional that would honor the warranty and provide future services. I chose Wendy Gallegos Audiology and I am very pleased that I did. I have found the office to have real, caring professionals that work hard to give me the very best service. When I have a problem, they take care of it. My hearing test and adjustment to my hearing aids has been excellent. I highly recommend Wendy Gallegos Audiology.

    Charles Smith
  • If every health care provider experience could be as great as this all of our problems would be solved .Best office/ care ever!!

    michelle lindholm
  • Wendy and Roger are a great team. I have the utmost confidence in their professionalism and competence. The service here is outstanding in every way and I would heartily recommend this office for anyone.

    Bill Fitzpatrick
  • I have received multiple calls from this company telling me my hearing devices are in and would like me to have them fitted. I asked them who they were looking for and they advised an Art Gamboa. I have politely advised this company multiple times that I have owned this phone number for the past 10 years and no one by the name of Art Gamboa lives with me nor do I know Art. Many of the employees stated they will update the information and remove my number but I am still receiving calls. This is starting to become irritating. Please talk with Art and retrieve the proper information, the number provided does not belong to him.

    NM Soundz
  • This is the best audiology office I have been to in 10 years. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful you have a good experience. I have learned how to use and take care of hearing aids each visit. I highly recommend the practice and my audiologist

    Patricia Vandenberg
  • The staff have always been so awesome! They are thorough and kind. They treat my son with respect and let him know exactly what will be happening. Highly recommend!

    Yvette Magee
  • Quick, Fast and courteous