Wax Removal

Earwax is a naturally occurring sticky substance in the outer ear. Earwax contains oil and sweat mixed with dirt and dead skin cells. It is natural and helpful in a couple of ways:

  • Earwax is a natural barrier that prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the innermost parts of your ear canal. It collects microscopic debris that finds its way into your ear. Without this defensive barrier, your inner ear would be at risk.
  • Earwax acts as a moisturizer and protective coating for your ear canal. Without it, your ear canal might be itchy and flaky. This puts the skin at greater risk of becoming irritated and infected.

While it is perfectly normal to have earwax, there are some factors that may cause excess earwax to —. These include age, eczema, hairy ear canals, and narrow ear canals.

If you have excess earwax, we have different methods that can be done in the office to remove it. Call us for information about earwax assessments and removals.

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