Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids do a great job helping us hear in difficult listening situations. However, there can be times when we need a little extra assistance for more clarity. That is why all manufacturers offer accessories that can improve the performance of your hearing aids.


Microphones can assist in a situation where background noise is present or if there is someone speaking from a distance. There are also some microphones designed for multi-talking situations.


Remotes can be used as a discrete way of controlling your hearing aids. They are small and can easily adjust the volume or optional programs on your devices.

Audio streaming

Some accessories are designed to stream audio from phones or other Bluetooth devices straight into your hearing aids. It is a convenient hands-free way of taking calls or listening to your favorite music.

TV Streamers

Similar to the audio streamers above, a TV streamer is a device designed specifically to connect to your TV and stream high-quality audio directly to your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume independently of the TV which makes watching with friends and family more enjoyable for everyone.

Manufacturers We Work With

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